A la carte dish

O p e n e r s

Devilled potted Dorset crab, pickled cucumber, granary toast £9.00

Roast celeriac soup, lovage and cashew nut pesto, crusty bread £6.00

Cornish cod and salmon fishcakes, saffron aioli, caper berries £8.25

Burrata, roasted squash, pickled mushroom, hazelnut dukkah £8.00

Crispy duck salad, rocket and pomegranate £8.00

Caesar salad - Roasted corn fed chicken, anchovy, lettuce, parmesan croutons £8.75/£14.00

M a i n   P l a y

Cornish Prawn and Mussel linguine, chicken, chilli and garlic butter £17.50

Roast celeriac and hazelnut risotto, spinach oil £14.50 (vegan)

Crispy skin chicken thighs, truffle polenta, chestnut mushrooms and parmesean £16.50

Aberdeen Angus Rib eye steak, garlic and parsley butter, chicory,
Truffle oil, parmesan, home cut chips £27.00

Grilled skate wing, seaweed, sour cream jacket potato, caviar, lemon butter £17.50

Stockings farm pork belly, black pudding, coriander potato cake,
bok choi, apple sauce, yuzu £17.00

Fish and Chips £16.75
Grilled fillet of cod, Marlow IPA beer battered cod cheeks, crushed peas,
Tartare sauce, home cut chips

Roast red pepper, puy lentil and Quinoa, aubergine caviar, toasted seeds £14.75 (v)

F o l l o w   O n

Breads, marinated olives £4.50     Breads, salted butter £3.50

Steamed bok choi, yuzu £4.00       Garden salad £4.00

Home cut chips £4.00         Truffle and Parmesan fries £4.50


C o l t s   (for smaller people)

Fish fingers, home cut chips, mushy peas £7.50

Stockings farm sausages, home cut chips, garden peas £7.50

Roast celeriac and hazelnut risotto, spinach oil (v)£7.00

Aberdeen Angus Rib eye steak, hand cut chips £10.50


Sunday Roast Options (served 12-6pm)

Rare Roast sirloin of Aberdeen Angus beef, Yorkshire pudding, thyme roasted potatoes, creamed leeks and bacon, crushed roots, greens, red wine gravy £17.00

Roast belly of Chiltern pork, sage and onion stuffing, apple sauce, Yorkshire pudding, thyme roasted potatoes, creamed leeks and bacon, crushed roots, greens, red wine gravy £16.75

Chestnut and cashew nut roast, Creamed leeks, thyme roasted potatoes, crushed roots, greens, Yorkshire pudding, gravy £14.50 (v)


S t i c k y   W i c k e t

English Champagne rhubarb Trifle £6.75

Plum and hazelnut crumble, vanilla bean ice cream £6.50 (gf)

Sticky toffee pudding, salted caramel, Rum and Raisin Ice Cream £7.00

‘Valrhona’ chocolate brownie, pistachio ice cream, kirsch cherries £7.50

British cheese plate, celery, grape chutney, biscuits £9.00
Isle of Mull cheddar, Blue Monday, No 5 Goddess

Homemade ice creams and sorbets- Choose 2 for £5.00
Ice creams- pistachio, vanilla,chocolate brownie
Sorbet- rhubarb

B o w l e d   O u t

Clifton Coffee
Americano £3.00 Cappuccino £3.25 Latte £3.25   Single espresso £2.50/Double espresso £3.00
Liqueur coffees – Jamesons, Tia Maria, Kahlua or Brandy £7.00
Clifton hot chocolate £3.00
Jing Tea’s £3.25
English breakfast, Jade sword green tea, Lemon grass and ginger,
Earl grey and Peppermint leaf, Chamomile
Fresh garden mint

If you have any allergies, please just ask a member of Staff for allergen advice on the menu.

10% discretionary service charge added for tables of 6 or more.